About Us

Excel Modular Systems is a leading manufacturer of Modular Open Office Systems with modern manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad The executives of Excel Modular Systems have over 25 years of exeperience of Design, Manufacture and Install to the exacting customer meeting the current and future requirements of a modern office.

Our Vision

“To be One-Stop Source for all Office / Laboratory / Institutional / Furniture requirements across a wide spectrum of industries.”

Key Features

The key features of the Open Office Systems are:

  • Sturdy and durable Partition based / Desk based Workstations, Storage Units and Full height Partitions.
  • Flexible Partitions allow horizontal and vertical extension.
  • Combination of different height Partitions to achieve utmost privacy and yet offer open communications.
  • Snap fit covers, pre-assembled components make installation and dismantlin of workstations easy and quick.
  • Reconfiguration of existing system to meet the future requirements can be done without damaging basic elements of partitions.
  • Change of Colours Schemes at any time in future
  • Dest based system with wire management facility, modularity, perforated screens & legs offer fitting in two different systems in one office.

Special Features

  • Inter Changeable Tiles and Range Includes
    • Pre Laminated particle board
    • Fabric Boards
    • Pin Up Boards
    • Glass Panel(Double Glass).
    • Marker Board.
    • Magnetic Board.
    • Metallic Powder Coated Panel
  • Built in Wire Management System.
  • Built in Facility to install Full height from existing half height partition.(In 63mm Partition)
  • Minimum Safe distance between LAN and power cables can be as per ISO Standards.
  • 50/63/75 thick double panel partition system with multiple entries into each tile gives scope for bulk cabling in a systematic Way.
  • Complete Range of Accessories
    • Stirage Units, Pedestals, Hung drawers, Key Board Trays, CPU Trolleys etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Double Panel Aluminium/M.s Partition Thickness 50/63/75mm.
  • Single panel in 30mm thickness with external wire Management.
  • Standard Partition Height :
    • 1200,1350mm in 50mm Partition
    • 1200, 1350, 1770, 1970mm in 63mm and 75mm Partition.
  • Add on Frames with standard heights of 400 & 600mm to build full height cabins in 63mm thick.
  • 3 Level built in wire management facility i.e., at skirting, below and above table top.
  • Table Tops :
    • 25mm thick Pre-laminated particle board edge banded tops
    • 25mm thick Post formed Table Tops

Excel Modular Systems

Excel Modular System is a Hyderabad based leading Modular Furniture Manufacturing Company, offering a wide range of cost-effective and quality solutions for the Office, Educational Institutional and Industrial applications. It has taken over designs/services to all from esteem modules and continuing the brand over last.