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We strongly believe in the “Right Person for Right Job”. We impart all our strength and labor towards finding professionals with Passion, Ambition, and Attitude who bring a massive impact within small-time, on the performance of our clients’ organization.


What We Do Best

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing is the work recruiting employees on a permanent basis. We offer comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing services so that you can focus more on core business activities.


Contract Staffing or Temporary Staffing is providing resources on a contract(temporary) basis. We offer contract employees with extensive experience and knowledge who can be of added advantage to your Business.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) is, a company letting all or part of its recruitment work be handled by an external provider. This process leads to resource optimization and also In-Time Delivery.

Executive Search

Executive Search is special recruitment assistance which companies pay and seek-out to hire candidates for senior-level and executive posts. We have specialized agents who are experts in scouting high-quality personalities who can boost up your business.

Employee Leasing

Employee Leasing is a smart way of letting the handling of all the recruitment work of an employee with an external provider. In this process, the employees are transferred from a company to the payroll of the provider and sending back to the company on a temporary basis.

Master Vendor Services

Master Vendor Services will help you structure your organization’s recruitment and staffing providers into a single Master-Vendor relationship. This will smoothen all processes, reduces inefficiencies, and decreases costs.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

The Team at Smallpage India works in harmony and functions with frankness, humility, and trust. We have one fundamental objective which is to achieve results for our clients. Our Long term and Unique Goal has and will always remain the same which is to show results instead of talk. For that purpose, we direct all our strength, commitment, and resources towards picking leaders with experience, vision, and character who make a significant near-term impact on the performance of our clients. To achieve this goal, we put great effort into picking out the best candidates out there, who will help reach the client’s goals.