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We strongly believe in the “Right Person for Right Job”. We impart all our strength and labor towards finding professionals with Passion, Ambition, and Attitude who bring a massive impact within small-time, on the performance of our clients’ organization.


We Can Do it All

Are you tired of managing various functions in your business? Are you looking for experienced professionals who can handle business functions effectively and efficiently? Then welcome to SmallPage.

Talent acquisition

We not only take care of your recruitment needs but also focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a specific skill set. Our services include:

Job requirement analysis
Screening and selection process

Contract staffing

We offer contract employees with extensive experience and knowledge who can be of added advantage to your Business. Contract staffing is the best option especially for businesses that are looking for short term projects. Hiring on a contractual basis can reduce the overall costs and long term commitment of a permanent hire.

Payroll management

We offer comprehensive Payroll Outsourcing services so that you can focus more on core business activities. No more mess up with administering your payroll needs. We are there to help you with end to end payroll administration like managing payroll tax obligations, producing and delivering employee checks, reporting service, etc.

Onsite HR Outsourcing

By outsourcing Human resource the organization can focus more time on efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce on core operating functions. While we handle the full end-to-end HR solutions. We help to streamline important HR functions in your business such as payroll management, administration and compliance management, etc.


We’ll Enable your business to grow


To help our clients build the best resource pool for the projects on hand. To help the client build the right team of developers, who can get things done. To Ease their work of finding the right talent who match their requirements. Ultimately, our goal is to satisfy our clients by providing the best service.


Our Vision is to become a Leader in Staffing and Consulting vertical. We would envision ourselves to serve Global Client base and multinational companies. We also envision ourselves to be among one of the best service providers out there. We want to establish ourselves in such a way that our clients will experience a satisfactory service which will let them refer their contacts for our services.


Our Unique Values are based upon promoting a broad-minded, performance-based culture. These values ease the mutual trust and dedication amongst us and our clients. We strongly believe in doing the right thing and doing it right without any shortcomings. We set our values and adhere to those without breaking any promises.


Trusted by Top Companies Across the Country

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients is a key aspect of one’s business. We give the utmost importance to our Clients. They direct the flow of our work. We ensure to be with them until their whole work is completed. We also ensure to help and be for them, even if for a tiniest of clarification. Our Team is built in such a way that there’s atleast some people assigned to address the issues immediately. We believe this approach is the right way to satisfy the clients and also for us to become a proper company.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

The Team at Smallpage Staffing Solutions works in harmony and functions with frankness, humility, and trust. We have one fundamental objective which is to achieve results for our clients. Our Long term and Unique Goal has and will always remain the same which is to show results instead of talk. For that purpose, we direct all our strength, commitment, and resources towards picking leaders with experience, vision, and character who make a significant near-term impact on the performance of our clients. To achieve this goal, we put great effort into picking out the best candidates out there, who will help reach the client’s goals.

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